How do I apply for a Tontine Award?

If you would like to submit an application for a $1000 Tontine Award, please complete the application form below during our call for applications in October or April every year.  As the Tontine awards is a bilingual initiative, applications can be submitted in either French or English. Applications must be submitted in writing following the guidelines below, but you can also include other supporting materials (in any format, including video, audio, photos, etc.).  Note: Only fully completed applications will be considered.


How are the grants selected?

Each Tontine Trustee has an equal vote in choosing the successful grantee. We make our decisions based on merit, using a consensus-based model to discuss and review each proposal.  If your proposal is not selected for the Tontine Award in the application round for which it was submitted, and your project is not time-bound, it can be resubmitted in a future application round.


Good News! If your application is successful and you are awarded a Tontine micro-grant, there are no reporting or follow-up requirements beyond keeping the Trustees informed about the date(s) of your creative event, so we can come out and support you!


* We strongly encourage trans womxn, queer womxn, womxn of colour, womxn with disabilities, HIV + womxn, womxn of all ages, including young womxn, immigrant womxn, single mothers and people from marginalized genders to apply.



* Nous invitons les femmxs de tous horizons, âges et couleurs à proposer des projets créatifs. Cela comprend les personnes transgenres et allosexuelles, les femmes immigrantes, les femmes handicapées, les femmes séropositives pour le VIH, de même que les mères seules.