* We strongly encourage trans women, queer women, women of colour, women with disabilities, HIV + women, women of all ages, including young women, immigrant women, single mothers and people from marginalized genders to apply.



* Nous invitons les femmes de tous horizons, âges et couleurs à proposer des projets créatifs. Cela comprend les personnes transgenres et allosexuelles, les femmes immigrantes, les femmes handicapées, les femmes séropositives pour le VIH, de même que les mères seules.



Erin Leigh

Former and founding member. Erin is a passionate promoter of women's* rights and is committed to ending violence against women and gender-based violence. She believes in encouraging girls, women and gender non-binary folks to pursue their creative and imaginative desires. Previously, she volunteered with Ladyfest Ottawa and is a co-founder of Ladyfest Ottawa's Rock Camp for Girls.